Glass, the Weakest link in a Blast

Unfortunately we live in a world where bomb blast is a real danger to our safety and security. A bomb blast turns unprotected glass into dangerous flying shards.

Lacerations due to high-velocity flying glass fragments have been responsible for a significant portion of the injuries received in explosion incidents.
Source: FEMA 428 Risk Management Series

During a blast, glazing will break causing serious injuries. Blast pressures can carry broken glass at speeds in excess of 100 feet per second (68 MPH).


Glass / Impact

Armorcoat provides exceptional blast and impact-resistant capabilities.

Flying Debris

Armorcoat reduces risks associated with broken glass and air-borne debris.

Falling Glass Shards

Armorcoat holds broken glass shards in place, helping to avoid a major hazard for passersby.

Post-incident Rescue and Cleanup

Armorcoat secures broken glass making the rescue and cleanup process safe and efficient.

Solar Safety Film

Amorcoat film provides you protection against the negative effects of solar radiation.

With Armorcoat safety film, applied to your existing glazing, we can help you drastically increase your level of protection and save lives.

վ Armorcoat safety film helps to reduce the risks of flying glass that can cause severe injuries or death during an accidental explosion or terrorist attack. Armorcoat creates a protective barrier protecting the people inside of targeted and surrounding buildings from the effects of a blast.

Saint-Gobain is the world’s only manufacturer of both glass and window film.

Saint Gobain: վ is part of , a group with more than 350 years of experience in glass manufacturing, including complicated safety and laminated glazing solutions. Saint-Gobain is the world’s only manufacturer of both glass and window film.

վ: Armorcoat is made by վ, an industry expert in film and coating solutions for more than 40 years. Armorcoat has been rigorously tested to globally recognized standards, including GSA, ISO and ASTM.

Our business partners provide a consultative approach. They will ultimately provide the best option for your specific window frames, situation and building, be it Armorcoat or (combined with) other options such as e.g. blast curtains, laminated / safety glass.



Armorcoat makes the government a safer place to work. Read the success story


The Department of Energy gets efficient with Armorcoat safety film. Read the success story


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The effects of a blast can be devastating but understanding the dangers and knowing how to mitigate them can save lives. See common questions below and download important PDF resource documents for more information.

Ever wonder what is the weakest link in a building and what poses a high percentage of injuries in case of a blast?

What Happens In A Blast.pdf

See how Armorcoat safety films can protect people from the dangers of broken glass as tested to industry recognized blast standards.

GSA Blast Testing Summary.pdf

Learn about the steps the government takes to protect their employees and buildings from various security risks utilizing defined security measures.

Determining The Security Level of Your Building.pdf

Please visit our Resources Page for product specifications, test reports and educational documents.

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