Care and Maintenance

Film Dry-out Time

The mounting solution used during the installation of your վ window
film may require a dry-out time. Cold or non-sunny weather conditions can
lengthen the dry-out time, while warm weather and direct sun light exposure
will shorten the dry-out time. Small water beads and a slightly cloudy look
may appear during the dry-out time. If slow drying does occur, do not
become alarmed. The film will dry-out.


Cleaning Instructions

To maximize the life of the window film, please follow these instructions
for proper care and maintenance.

  • Always use clean, soft materials to wash and dry your window film surfaces.
  • Most glass cleaners will work well, although a good cleaning solution for window film is 1/2 ounce of liquid dish soap added to 1 quart of fresh water.
  • A soft cloth or a clean synthetic sponge is recommended for washing the window film, followed by another clean soft cloth or soft rubber squeegee for drying.
child looking out tinted car window
  • To avoid scratching the film, do not use bristle brushes, abrasive scrubbing sponges, or any cleaning materials that may have been contaminated with dirt particles. Avoid?washing interior and exterior windows with the same cleaning materials.


  • Some brands of paper towels are coarse enough to put fine scratches in the film, even films with scratch resistant, protective hard-coat finish. While these scratches may be too fine?to be seen at first, they can cause damage and reduce the polished look of the film over time.