5 Home Energy Hacks C You May Not Know About


home energy hacks

Whether the sun is entering a Grand Solar Minimum casting us into a mini ice age or Global Warming will have us wearing shorts in January, there are some practical and innovative ways you can save energy and money to help save the environment and your pocketbook.

The advancement in technology gives rise to energy-saving products and devices. Here are a few energy savings hacks you may not have known can help you and the environment.

Going Low-E

Low-E window film applied to your homes windows helps to keep the heat inside in the winter and keeps it cooler in the winter. It pays for its self in and can help you dramatically lessen your energy consumption.

E-space Heaters

?If you only have to heat a room or two and cringe thinking about turning on a heater that will make the whole house or apartment toasty, there are several high-efficiency wall-mounted heaters that have a low-profile barely bulging out of a wall power socket.

?Put the sun to work

The solar heaters are energy-saving devices that can provide heat for both space and water. Depending on the type of solar heater that is used (be it a part of the structure of the home or one that engages the use of a mechanical device), solar heaters are a definite money saver. It is easy on the environment too. Greenpeace should love this one.

Be Your Own Big Brother

Knowledge is power and can help you save a ton of it. Devices like help you figure out what home appliances are the energy hogs, how you can reduce their usage and so much more. Testimonials online have these devices saving several hundred dollars a year.

Get Smart with Your Thermostat

Many utilities and even insurance companies offer rebates on smart thermostats. Smart thermostats can increase awareness of your energy habits and help you make small adjustments to save big while staying warm.

Finally, there are energy-saving light bulbs, lamps, appliances, and other gizmos and gadgets. But the fact remains that saving energy is fast becoming the order of the day taking into account the current realities. So, if all the energy-saving devices out there will still not suffice, the “use less and save more” principle will still add a good deal to your savings.