HYDRO Protects Your Car From Whatever Is Thrown Its Way

It could be pebbles from the road, a runaway grocery cart that you can’t catch in time, or a flock of mischevious BATS – whatever it is that threatens your pristine finish, HYDRO can help with that!

Clearshield Pro HYDRO is a clear paint protection film. Trained installers will seamlessly apply the film so you won’t even know it’s there. Then you won’t have to worry about who you park next to or what tree you’re parked under. Drive with one less stress.

When you’re ready, take a hose to your car for a quick rinse. Done.

If you’re thinking, “Can this go on other things besides my car?” Yes. Yes, it can. Just ask a SolarGard dealer about the many different ways HYDRO can protect your surfaces.?

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