National Safe Boating Week May 22-28

National Safe Boating Week kicks off a year-long Safe Boating campaign, with the #1 goal of convincing every boater to consistently and voluntarily wear a life jacket.

While youre stocking up on life jackets, take a moment to make sure you and your vessel are totally ready for a safe and carefree summer on the water. A good place to start is by looking into the safety benefits of ceramic marine film.

The right marine window film can really make a difference in terms of safety and comfort, while also protecting your boats interior furnishings.

All marine window films are not created equal?

When it comes to protecting your boat – and you – the untreated glass window tint installed in most boats cant compare to the quality of aftermarket films.

The problem is most aftermarket films reflect light and heat. The suns reflection causes glare, which is more than annoying: it can be blinding.

The metal particles in many window films are the culprit behind the reflected rays, which can potentially impede the navigators clear vision.

How the right marine window tint can make your boat safer

The most advanced window film technology uses ceramic particles instead of metal. Pulverized to a nanoscale level (one billionth of a meter) and applied to a high-quality window film, ceramic nanoparticles absorb energy from the sun to reduce glare.

Next-generation ceramic window film technology is more protective because it:

  • Absorbs solar energy instead of reflecting it, reducing glare
  • Provides high optical clarity for clear vision and safe navigation – day and night
  • Protects from harmful UV rays, equivalent to SPF 285
  • Offers up to 63% Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER)

Ceramic window film made specifically for boats also gives your boat an extra layer of safety toughness.

  • Offers marine-grade durable construction
  • Helps keep shattered glass in place instead of spraying dangerous shards

Ceramic marine film can make your boat more comfortable

  • Keeps the interior temperature in the comfort zone year-round
  • Rejects up to 93% of infrared rays (what we feel as HEAT)

Get into the spirit of . Get out the life jackets, including life jackets for your pets, and protect your boat and your passengers by adding ceramic marine window film.

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