The Top Child Safety Features You Can Add To Your Car

Accidents are sometimes unavoidable. They happen when you least expect it. Whether its your fault or not, accidents happen on the road all of the time. The best way to properly prepare for an accident is by investing in a car with an excellent safety rating. Along with the actual cars rating, you want to invest in safety features that can be added to the car. Below, we will be discussing some of the top child safety features you can add to your car on the aftermarket.

Top Child Safety Features:

  1. Backup Camera

One of the top add-ons that you can get installed in your car on the aftermarket for enhanced safety would have to be a backup camera. A backup camera is a great child safety feature to install on your car because it is going to make it much easier to see behind you to avoid the dreaded blind spots. The truth is, a majority of accidents involving children that are under the age of 15 are killed as a direct result of back collisions. Because backup cameras offer so much more visibility for drivers, they are becoming standardized on the marketplace. However, you dont need to purchase a brand-new car to get the benefits of one. Instead, you can get it installed or install it yourself. In fact, it has become so important for safety that Federal laws are going to require backup cameras to be installed on all new vehicles starting in 2018.

  1. Mirrors

Another good child safety feature that you should think about adding to your vehicle is a simple mirror that will allow you to check on your child in the backseat. By installing a mirror somewhere on your dashboard or close to it, you should be able to effectively be able to check up on your children as you are driving effortlessly. This will allow you to check to ensure that they are fine at all times. It is especially good when your child might be eating in the back seat as it will allow you to keep an eye on them to ensure they do not choke.

  1. Bluetooth Technology

Another important feature that you are going to want to add to your vehicle for enhanced safety if you do not have it already would be Bluetooth hands-free technology. Whether you are looking to use the Bluetooth pairing feature on your smartphone or you are going to hook up your phone another way, you should be looking to add Bluetooth technology to your vehicle in some way to allow for hands-free communication and interaction with your devices. In fact, there are devices on the market nowadays that will even add smart features to your vehicle which can effectively help you control your phone with your voice through either Googles smart assistant or Amazons Alexa.

  1. Window Tint

Another excellent feature that you are going to be able to add to your car for enhanced child safety would be window tint. Not only is window tint going to make the practice of sitting in your vehicle much safer due to the window tint having the ability to block a lot of harmful UV rays from penetrating, but it is also going to make it much safer in the event of a collision. If you get into a collision, the tint will keep the window from shattering everywhere and potentially onto your child. Instead, it will keep the window from shattering and spreading all over.

  1. Safest Child Car Seat

Another thing that you are going to want to pay attention to would be your car seat. Investing in the top rated and safest car seat on the market is one of the best ways to protect your child in the back seat. By having a car seat that is highly rated on the marketplace, you will be able to protect them much better in the event you were to get into an accident whether its a rear collision or otherwise.

  1. Collision Warning

You can actually add collision warning detection to your older vehicle. The best and most affordable way to do so is by investing in easy to install dashboard cameras that will not only record what is going on from your dashboard view, but it will also double as a collision warning system for your vehicle. This can really allow you to enhance the overall safety of your entire vehicle because it is going to alert you whenever the driver is going too fast to effectively break to avoid a collision.

  1. Blind Spot Detection

Another effective add-on that you can add to your vehicle to enhance its safety would be blind spot detection. This detector is going to make it much easier to be alerted if a vehicle is approaching yours or if a vehicle enters your blind spot. Blind spots can cause accidents because you never know when a vehicle might be in one. While there are ways to minimize blind spots by effectively positioning your side mirrors, there is no true way to eliminate all blind spots for good. The best way to avoid having blind spots become a problem is by investing in this type of detection system.

Overall, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when you are looking to enhance the overall level of child safety that you are going to be able to get from your vehicle. You can??to find out more. By considering adding everything above to your vehicle, you should be able to improve the safety that you are able to get out of it. A lot of the safety add-on features mentioned above are going to put you in a much better position when you are looking to keep your loved ones as safe as possible. Some of the add-ons mentioned above should be considered standard add-ons that you should be investing in no matter what since they are capable of really making driving as safe as possible which is why they are being standardized on the marketplace.

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